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That was Then and This is Now but We’re Finally in Synch

Translated by Steven Bradbury


One day as I awoke I asked myself
Is this the future
We made
So much of long ago

In that future we feared would arrive in the here
And now of way back
You imagined would be called
The now of here and now
But I imagined
A future past

We encountered each other where reflections of two lights crisscrossed
Fortunate for us we did
Or else our particular falls toward those fallings
Those divergences those slow slicings and delaying actions
Would not have had these isobathic forgettings

But really I’m no harbor for
I haven’t got a shore    only
Those encounters are ships      and I am more than
A seagull on a mast

Only the sea at its bluest is your gaze
And that blue
Is thus the clearest fabrication

Assuming your
Assumption is correct
Certain sailings
May be only furtive movements of the harbors they set out from

But then why are those kisses anchors
Lips are waves
Lips those thick billowing waves



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