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Several years ago, I noticed that the media coverage of Africa cast such a negative face on the continent – poverty, pestilence, and conflict — that it resulted in a form of neocolonialism. panAFRICAproject was born out of my need to cast a different light on the subject, using photography as the “universal language.” I set about trying to make a visual amalgamation of contemporary Africa, country by country, on African terms, with the help of local people who can best tell us what is important, unique, and personal about their environments. This journey has taken us from the tops of mountains to the depths of depravity, from manufacturing to tribal villages, from camels to high tech transportation, from farm to table.

Such boots-on-the-ground that is required is arduous. But adapting to different conditions, climates, personalities, and seasons makes all the difference. It is the job of a lifetime and I have flourished in the task. But in order to crowdfund the first volume of a book series, redesign the website, and outfit another trip, we are mounting a KickStarter campaign, contribute here.

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