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panAFRICAproject: Kenya

Reviving the momentum of www.panAFRICAproject.org before COVID19, my team returned recently to Kenya, the fifteenth country in this overly ambitious project. Using the “universal language” of photography, the mission is to counter the negative, neocolonial misconceptions promulgated by western media. We document country by country, modern, contemporary Africa to provide a visual compendium for usage by institutions, companies, schools & research. Rather than the sensationalistic conflict, poverty, & pestilence narrative being taught by western culture, panAFRICAproject seeks to focus on the progress & advancements of “the REAL Africa”. Industry, medicine, politics, environment, culture, education, etc. have advanced to make Africa some of the fastest growing economies in the world. Technology, entrepreneurship, innovation are overcoming many of the historical obstacles with such dramatic movement that it provides exciting photographic evidence. Highlighting the parallel evolution in current as well as traditional customs requires access & unrelenting trust.


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