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Returning to Granada

Translated from the Ukrainian by Orest Popovych


To Bronwyn Lea

On the Plaza de la Independencia – Bronwyn
warm air has filled our lungs
the only way out – is to inhale some more
the taste of tangerine – tongue between the teeth
all that will remain between us
is the time in this poem

Bronwyn – here time exists in the voices of revolutions
later these streets will be named after them
later the ladies of the night for three bucks
later the bands trumpeting halfway through the night
and there is so little time
to talk with you about poetry

Bronwyn – toss a sentavo into the fountain
perhaps we’ll return here – it’s like a security deposit
this street urchin who’s fooling and hassling us
knows that all of this life is transitory
for this you don’t even have to be a prophet
nor a poet

Bronwyn – let’s follow the carnival
why should we hide – we’ve stolen nothing
in a town where they trade in love
anything can happen – so many people
the streets are pressing heavily upon us – this draft
of words that I share with you

Bronwyn – you say it’s impossible
we won’t come here – only torrents will come
– like scabby dogs in green attire –
they’ll detect our trail fading in the sky
they will seize this thread – these February verses
those that belong to us both

Bronwyn – if I arrive together with the dogs
try to wait for me somewhere between the years
wait at the Alhambra – I know the way
I know this place – these walls and the terrace
the horses and buggies on de la Plaza
the red streamers – rojo –

Bronwyn – the locals know us by sight
maybe above the table there will be a name plate
here they love poets even after death
I am staring at the starlit sky
by now you are flying up to Australia
it’s a good thing we are mortals after all



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