Lee Hope

Winter/Spring 2010 Editor’s Note

Announcement: Summer 2010 Awards Issue will be posted July 8th, 2010. Stay tuned! First Annual SOLSTICE CONTEST Award Winners:

FICTION/NONFICTION: Final Judge, ANDRE DUBUS III (Initial Judges, Solstice editors)

First Prize of $1,000 to Fred Setterberg, author of the story “Our Golden State.”

Runner-up: Jose Skinner, author of the story “The Edge.”

Finalists: Sara Flood, “The Hiding Place;” Lisa Friedlander, “Remains from the Winking Place;” Karima Grant, “Kings;” Sybil Wilen, “The Dead Garden.”

Honorable Mention from Solstice editors: N. Ayres, “The Tomato Farm;” Michael Miner, “Ice;” and Jean Trounstine, nonfiction, “Meeting Karter.”

POETRY: Final Judge: TERRANCE HAYES (Initial Judge, Solstice poetry editor)

Winner: Emily Van Duyne, for three poems.

First runner-up: Andrea Walls for “3rd House Down From the Corner Behind the Red Door.”

Second runner-up: Leslea Newman for “Poem for Two Dogs Hanged in Salem, l692.”

Honorable Mention from Solstice editors: Melanie Drane for “Year of the Snake” and “The Knifemaker.”

Many CONGRATULATIONS to the winners who will appear in our special 2010 awards issue by July 8, along with other submissions. And many THANKS to all who submitted to the contest. We hope you will submit again in the future. Do check out our terrific present Winter/Spring Issue posted now!

Lee Hope, executive editor


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