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Aleatoric Sequence

it’s something we hadn’t really thought about
until she mentioned it:
where i end and you begin, this permeable
we’d assumed was a good thing
how we                                               intermingled
(this is a reference not just to fluids and bodies but brainwaves)
(like shaky electrons and electronics through the conservatory air)
how can this be anything but good? how can this be anything?
and then she said “you should read about enmeshment” with a serious look
 and now i’m not so


    this module is a topographic drum sequencer
                this module is a dual dynamics gate
          this module is a control voltage mixer


 we eat patch notes and cables

and wonder which title is the real one in a story whose meaning
is only known to the gap where we meet
or the line on the globe where we separate
ocean from ocean

 between thesis and antithesis

there is a collective      delusion
where we can’t touch
 a blessing             into    birth    into
an analog wave           a rising            a falling           a mean of zero
a phase            cancellation

i used to think that we’d jump
gaps     but i wonder                                        if the gaps are there
 and if so what should              be        in them

                          +12V/-12V/+5V @ 3500mA
                                  Eurorack form factor
                                        ATA durability

all we need is a light attack
a soft expressive touch on the plate
electro              capacitance

it’s less a mesh than a circuit
flowing instead of integrating
 power on the move between us          doing the work of
 saline tears

 she says difference and doesn’t mean it philosophically but literally
 the difference between us is not intellectual but my hand is your hand is our hand
and it takes two for this instrumentation to create empathy
and it takes us to divide this into symphony into synchronicity into
 modulate                     operators
we represent vessels
 in the network of veins sense
 in the transporters of goods sense
spiderwebs below the skin and projected on maps
buoyed by and carrying electrolytes
 capacitors        released
 our maps torn and mended
    rearranged                                           created new

            1 knob/function
            tempo controlled on detection of rise or fall

there’s so much going on that i can’t decipher
i think part of it’s in this song
and part of it’s in our blood
but none of it’s contained in either
 of (us/them)
and it’s open to interpretation and that’s why people love it because it’s nothing and everything
this song this touch / this instrument this haunting

 after Radiohead


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