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Child in a Lightbulb


In a tree — a child

In a blooming cherry tree — a child
in a white gown

White on white
in the night —
a child, warm from sleep

Climb a cherry tree
said the voice
in the night

All alone in a tree
in a globe of white

Her house on fire
shadows fluttering
bursts of light, shouts

Be with me, don’t
abandon me don’t reveal

Tremble with me
my tree, like a boat

Lift me up, my tree
like a hot air balloon 


Like a wire
in a lightbulb
in a tree — a child

passing through
filaments of limbs

Thin taut body
glowing in the dark
radiating heat

She thinks

anyone can
                  see me                  

            this can’t

  wake up   wake up


Covered in drops of dew
a fruit, I fell from a tree

Gown clinging
to my skin

Heart clinging
to my ribs

Tongue against my palate
like a large slug

Silent, I lay
and watched

as the walls of my home

my flaxen hair
turning white


Taken out of the flow
of time, I stand
in the presence of
the things that are

All my moments condensed
to a single point

I’m here and also

many in one

In me, like a present —
a belief in my own



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