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Darwin‘s Doves (Dúfurnar hans Darwins )


Two sisters
with puffed out breasts

Eyes closed

The have
landed in a museum
and now bow to
their fate

Just as
each feather
was once counted
by a gray-bearded old man
their softness
is now esteemed by his brother


Tvær systur
með þanda bringu

Augun aftur

Þær hafa
hafnað á safni
og vita nú væng sinn

Rétt eins og
hver fjöður
var forðum talin
af gráskeggjuðum öldungi
er mýkt þeirra
nú metin af bróður hans



Sola Bjarnadóttir-O’Connell is a native Icelander who has lived in New York for the past 30 years.  She is pursuing a life-long interest in bringing contemporary poetry and literature to an English-speaking audience and is currently working on translating a collection of Flash fiction to be published in Iceland.  Sola is recipient of the 2013 Leif and Ingrid Sjöberg Translation Award conferred by the American Scandinavian Foundation.  She divides her time between New York City and Reykjavik.


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