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Out of one whole



Out of one whole step two
wholes. And each splinters
on into other wholes.
Nothing but circles, spheres,
everything is a closed circuit.

A waterdrop divides into
two drops. And more. And more still.
The drops become a rain.
Dully pounding on the
pane. It’s warm.

It’s only me who is gasping out of
a dream, out of my seeming
separateness. I touch
objects as if they were shards.

Though I know that they are nothing but




Translated from the Slovene by Barbara Jurša

Barbara Jurša is a Slovenian translator, poet and English teacher living in Ljubljana. She has translated some of the works of several contemporary Slovenian poets, including Jana Putrle Srdić (Anything Could Happen, 2014) and Brane Mozetič (Unfinished Sketches of a Revolution, 2018).

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